About Atimo

,,Stop the drama, start the music.“

Music is like a place to escape for people. Thats why in stormy times, music is even more important. Instead of switching on the radio, Atimo immediately mixed his music himself – and not only conjured up entertainment for his ears, but also created love in his heart. Since then, Atimo has been a hedonist through and through.
”Stop the drama, start the music.”

In the jungle of sound waves, Atimo acts like a good friend and showing his friends his favourite beats, to guide it deeper and deeper into the jungle of electronic music. Guiding his friends with techno & house in a kind of spiritual trance, in which they oat like his starsign, fish in the night sky in space, is not just easy but also liberating for Atimo.

When the sound carries him through the night, he invites the other starsigns together with him listen the sound of electronic music and feeling the freedome. In the deep jungle of electronic music, Atimo isn’t afraid to explore unknown places. The sound he has discovered for himself sounds as if it was made at the right place in the right time. A rare coincidence, that probably isn’t one.